quick and delicious
speciality filter coffee

new cross station, se14

opening hours

07.00 till 13.00 Monday to Friday

events & catering

We can bring amazing speciality filter coffee & healthy, delicious, vegan-friendly snacks to your event.

We're particularly well equipped for providing amazing coffee at high volume, for times when you might not want your attendees to have to queue or wait for lattes & espresso drinks.

Please contact hello@brewcross.co.uk for more information.

getting the brews in for your office

Why not share the love and treat your colleagues to delicious coffee & cakes?

Speak to us about picking up a flask for the team on your way in to work. Just let us know a day in advance and we'll hook you up with coffee and cakes for the office - all provided in a handy carry bag, and kept piping hot for up to 4 hours. Available for groups of 6 to 18 people. Email hello@brewcross.co.uk to find out more